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1.4828 Stainless Steel

All You Need to Know About Austenitic, Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel X15CrNiSi20-12, 1.4828, According to EN 10088-1


What is 1.4828 Stainless Steel Grade

The 1.4828-grade stainless steel is a chromium-nickel-silicon austenitic stainless steel grade that is resistant to oxidation in the air up to a temperature of 950 °C. But this grade of stainless steel is not as resistant to gases containing sulfur compounds. 


The 1.4828-grade stainless steel has the following properties:

  1. Weldable
  2. Heat-resistant
  3. Good strength


Why use 1.4828 Stainless Steel

The 1.4828- stainless steel grade is a heat-resistant steel grade that has a chemical composition similar to 1.4841. The 1.4828 stainless steel is resistant to nitriding, carbonitriding, and carburizing atmospheres. It is also resistant to gases containing nitrogen and oxygen.


What is the chemical composition of 1.4828 stainless steel?

The chemical composition of 1.4828 stainless steel is:

1.4828 steel chemical element % present
Carbon (C) [Max] 0.2%
Manganese (Mn) [Max] 2.00%
Silicon (Si) [Max] 1.50 to 2.50%
Chromium (Cr) [Max] 19.0 to 21.0%
Nitrogen (N) [Max] 0.11%
Nickel (Ni) [Max] 11.0 to 13.0%
Phosphorus (P) [Max] 0.040%
Sulphur (S) [Max] 0.150%


How to work with 1.4828 steel

1.4828 steel hot work and heat treatment temperature
Hot Forming °C Quenching °C
1150 to 800 1050 to 1150
Followed by water or air quenching


1.4828 stainless steel applications

The main areas of applications of 1.4828 stainless steel include:

  1. Oven linings
  2. Boiler baffles
  3. Vessels for case hardening
  4. Parts for steam boilers


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