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1.4006 Stainless Steel

All You Need to Know About Chromium Martensitic Stainless Steel X12CR13, 1.4006, AISI 410, According to EN 10088-1


What is 1.4006 Stainless Steel Grade

The 1.4006-grade stainless steel is corrosion-resistant martensitic steel.  Compared to a lot of other steel, the 1.4006 grade has lower carbon content. For the same reason, it exhibits good resistance to corrosion. This grade of stainless steel is supplied in the form of a bar and is not resistant to salts and sulfur compounds.

The 1.4006-grade stainless steel has the following properties:

  1. Martensitic
  2. Good corrosion resistance
  3. Hardenable


Why use EN 1.4006 Stainless Steel

The main reason to use 1.4006 stainless steel is to make products or components that work in contact with steam and water. The steel grade functions perfectly well under these conditions.

Moreover, the 1.4006 stainless steel grade exhibits very good resistance to maleic, benzoic, adipic, arsenic, boric, gallic, and malic acid. At low temperatures and concentrations, it shows resistance to nitric, chromic, and potassium acids among many others.


What is the chemical composition of 1.4006 stainless steel?

The chemical composition of 1.4006 stainless steel is:

1.4006 steel chemical element % present
Carbon (C) 0.16 to 0.25%
Manganese (Mn) ≤1.50%
Silicon (Si) [Max] ≤1.00%
Chromium (Cr) 12.00 to 14.00%
Phosphorus (P) ≤0.040%
Sulphur (S) ≤0.030%


How to work with 1.4006 steel

1.4006 steel hot work and heat treatment temperature
Annealing °C Forging °C Hardening °C Tempering °C 
750 to 820 1100 to 800 950 to 1050 QT 700
Cooling with Air Slow cooling Oil/Air 650-750 Air
QT 800
600-700 Air


1.4006 stainless steel applications

The main areas of applications of 1.4006 stainless steel include:

  1. Steam turbine blades
  2. Cracking apparatus
  3. Water pump parts
  4. Bolts
  5. Nuts
  6. Hydraulic press valves
  7. Stainless steel sieves for coal screening


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